Chloe Nydam

Chloe Nydam is 13 years old, an 8th grader at La Colina Junior High. Since age 4, she has been dancing at Gustafson. She has been in many Nutcracker, Rudolph, and spring performances since then. Almost 10 years later, Chloe holds dance very close to her heart and it is her passion. She loves to learn new steps and work on them, and she loves learning choreography and feeling the music. Of course, one of her favorite parts of dancing is being on stage. Chloe has done Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Pointe and is always eager to learn a new style. Her favorite steps in Ballet include: Grand Jetes, Fouetté turns, and her splits on her left side.
As well as dancing, Chloe loves singing. Most of her singing happens in the shower, although she does take singing lessons too. Chloe also likes to go to the beach, hang out with friends, bake and cook. She loves all animals too. She has two very fluffy Ragdoll cats at home. Chloe is thrilled to be a part of SSBYD. She is also looking forward to being an Ice Skater and a Misfit Toy in Rudolph, and a Battle Toy in Nutcracker. She is ready to work hard and learn new steps, as well as dancing many more hours a week. Chloe is very grateful that she has the chance to be a part of SSBYD and is excited to be a Junior!