Hartley Abeysekera

Hartley is 11 years old and is currently in the sixth grade. She first started at Gustafson Dance when she was only 18 months old. She then took a break to explored other interests, but came back to dance and has since danced with Gustafson for the last three and a half years. She has enjoyed attending the Gustafson summer programs and has been delighted to be part of the dance productions held at the local venues. Hartley is very pleased to be involved in her first year of the State Street Ballet Young Dancers and looks forward to many more years to come! In her free time, she enjoys drawing, listening to various types of music and singing. She also enjoys hanging out with friends and spending time at the beach. She has a passion for traveling, and trying new things. Her favorite vacation destination so far is Maui due to its tropical beauty. Hartley is a committed and determined dancer and hopes to continue dancing throughout her life.